5 Pitfalls That Kill An Otherwise Good Event

It is no secret that events reflect your culture both internally and externally and form a key component of the marketing mix.  What happens at an event even through the planning phase and its execution matters a lot.

  1. Failing to invest in planning: To a guest, an event should just happen, with everything flow effortlessly like the Champagne being poured during pre-dinner drinks. Unaware of the complexities and the investment in time, spent on the planning, to make everything look so easy. It is here, in the investment of time where some event companies scrimp and save, but then expect everything to fall into place, whereas in reality it can become very hit and miss if the planning stage hasn’t been fully covered.
  1. Insisting on Insurance: Acts without insurance should raise suspicion, as insurance is there to protect the performer, the event organisers, the venue and the guests. You have to wonder how professional they are if they can’t be bothered or can’t afford to get insurance. As a nightclub in the UK found to their detriment, when an uninsured fire performer set the club on fire by accident, and burnt it down to the ground.
  1. Cutting Corners on Quality:  Everyone is concerned about costs and we too support your need to ensure that events are cost effective and or there is a return on investment from them. But the old cliché ‘if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’ rings true in these situations. Pay a reasonable price for your entertainment from a reputable company, and you go a long way to ensuring the evening will be a success. You are safe in the knowledge that the performers will be punctual, have fantastic costumes and be excellent in their performance skill(s). Go for the cheap option, and you might be the one with egg on your face, or stress on the night, when they don’t arrive on time or not at all (as they have had a slightly better paid job somewhere else). The costumes look like something out of a gym bag that was stuffed in a closet for weeks, and their performance more resembles an impression of a 1980’s Space Invader.
  1. Not considering guests:  Guests and attendees should be at the forefront of every event and central to your considerations and planning.  If they aren’t, it could all fall flat and your brand irreparably damaged.  One city institution came undone when hosting ‘exotic dancers’ of a dubious nature and faced a Sex Discrimination claim on account of the misogynistic overtones. Simple mistake, massive costly problems.  It’s essential that no guest feels alienated from the event. 
  1. Execution Is Everything:  Consideration is needed when executing the event such as whether or not the event suits the venue and visa versa. One organisation spent thousands on a snow machine to emulate a winter wonderland during a night time event except they were placed outside tinted windows with no light outside and so couldn’t be seen from inside and the guests couldn’t walk around the outside to go view it either.

Essentially your event needs to be spoken about for months if not years and not for the wrong reasons.  As we approach Christmas don’t rush, think about things early on and always consult experts who have been there and done it.  Perhaps then the event will be a resounding success with your brand intact and with a clear return on investment.

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