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A Happy Ending to our Titanic Themed Party

With our very own Titanic Themed Party, we urge you to join us, as we re-create the last meal served on board Titanic, on that fateful night in 1912.

Although the menu will be authentic…. we promise not to sink the venue and we guarantee the only ice you’ll see, will be in your complimentary cocktail or table decoration !!

During the evening, you’ll be entertained as well as educated….Learn more about the ship, the disaster and above all, the people that sailed on-board, the greatest “Floating Palace” of them all.

Some features of our Titanic Themed Party.

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  • Realistic Gang-plank entrance with bunting and streamers
  • Cocktails with the Captain.
  • Titanic-styled decor and authentic looking artefacts.
  • Ice sculptures for table decor.
  • Early 20th Century entertainment with a band playing songs from the era or music provided by a string quartet.

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Titanic Theme Party Ideas

With our Titanic themed party, imaging as you and your guests arrive at the quay side and proceed up the gangplank underneath loads of streamers and bunting – just like the passengers would have back in 1912. As you walk past the ships railings complete with life-rings you go up onto the Bridge for cocktails with the Captain.

A string quartet plays, as you admire the ships wheel and binnacle and question the old salt about his new command. The air of adventure and anticipation surrounds you, as the sounds of seagulls and water lapping against the ship, can be heard.

Suddenly, your reverie is interrupted by a flickering of the ships lights, and then a sailor, dressed from head to foot, in yellow sou’wester gear and dripping wet to boot, who bursts in. The Sailor announces that we have hit an iceberg, spilling ice cubes out of his pocket, as he does so. Moreover, all the lifeboats have already been launched, and filled so, as there is no room for you lot, he has thrown the dining tables into the sea and you will have to use these.

A night to remember with our Titanic Themed Party.

As you follow the Captain onto the deck, the first thing you notice, is that night has fallen and the sound of wind and crashing waves is deafening. There, in the midst of a seething sea (of dry ice) are the tables, that might just save your life. On each chair back, is a Mae West. As you make your way, down the rickety gangplank into the ‘sea’, you can look back at the ship, majestically illuminated and bedecked with lights behind you.

Each table, has an ice sculpture as a centre piece or a lump of ice! Our talented team of artists, will re-create all of the drama and tension of the event, whilst your guests dine on the finest cuisine. Song sheets as placemats, have thoughtfully been provided, so that you can join in, with the singing organised by the ships entertainers.

Rescue comes as dawn breaks, when your boat comes in.

“This is truly a night to remember….full of imagination and surprises.”

Experience our Titanic Theme Night for yourself !

Call now on 0800 881 5665 to speak to one of our team

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