A Different Take on a ‘Night With The Stars’ with our Space Themed Party

Mankind’s fascination with space stretches back many thousands of years, yet in terms of time, we’ve only recently begun to explore the possibilities of what may exist beyond the stars.

Conjured by the makers of film and television, much of what we perceive, is based on fantasy rather than fact. Theme parties are about fantasy and fun, and we hope our interpretation of space is one you will want to explore further.

Some of the features our Space Themed Party.

  • Starcloth Entrance plus in the Main Room, Starcloth Walls and Ceilings
  • Theming including Rockets, Planets and UV items.
  • Robots and Intergalactic Voyagers mix and mingle with Guests.
  • Pre Dinner Drinks served in test tube by Lab Assistants.
  • Space Themed Arcade Games.
  • Return To The Forbidden Planet Stage Show.

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Space Themed Party ideas and activities to enthral.

Guests make their entrance via a starcloth walkway or through a unique and very disorientating time tunnel that revolves as you transcend into the next dimension. Inside, a fibre optic starcloth plays a major role in transforming the venue and creates the blank canvas upon which the theme can be built.

Thereafter, we dress the theme with a variety of props including giant UV reactive planets, comets, satellites and the odd rocket or two. We have a selection of large UV art canvasses depicting intergalactic scenes, while bubble tubes create light and movement in dark corners. Ducting tubes, barrels of toxic waste, oxygen cylinders and control panels, all combine to create a fun and futuristic atmosphere for your occasion.

An ‘out of-this-world’ experience!

Your guests arrive and are met by some of the strangest creatures from the known universe. A menagerie of highly polished robots, and aesthetically challenged intergalactic voyagers, apply their unique mix and mingle performances to help your time travellers absorb their new environment.

Unique pre-dinner cocktails are served in test tubes, presented by lab assistants in white coats. Silver lame table covers shimmer under the lights, while plasma ball table centres generate much curiosity. The experiences yet to come can only be ‘Out of this world’!

There’s much to choose from, so whether you fancy arcade games or a more hands on approach, there’s something for everyone. Star Wars Trilogy is an excellent arcade simulator, allowing you to interact as though you were in the film itself. Graphics are superb and relayed via a large 52″ video screen.

Incredible effects and activities to entertain all.

The Viper is a similar concept to that found in many theme parks, but can fit into most venues. Clever hydraulics and video take two people off on a roller coaster style ride, through space without ever actually leaving the spot they started from. Laser tag arenas are ideal for large events and most can handle up to 20+ players in a session, while technological breakthroughs in 3D graphics, make today’s Virtual Reality a memorable experience.

Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars, and one of our Bands is an excellent choice to make the evening fly. In addition, why not let our dancers transport you, with their version of the very popular Return To The Forbidden Planet stage show.

Call now on 0800 881 5665 to speak to one of our team

Or why not drop us an email and one of our team will contact you shortly.

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