Pastiche Champagne Glass Dress

champagne glass dress

Champagne Glass Dress – Champagne served with style!

Champagne Glass Dress available from PasticheWhen we think of champagne being served, we automatically think of smartly presented waiters/waitresses gliding around guests with the traditional silver tray. Well now Pastiche is happy to push those boundaries with our one-of-a-kind champagne glass dress.

Perfect for any drink reception.

Holding 105 champagne glasses, our stunning white champagne glass dress is perfect for any drink reception regardless of the occasion, especially if you are wanting that extra elegant touch for your event, then this is the perfect way to hand out your champagne in style!
Worn by our glamorous silver service lady, guests can be handed the glasses either pre-filled or poured into the glasses while selected, guaranteeing that this unique, champagne-filled dress brings a talking point to a gathering reception.

Fully adaptable to suit any occasion.

This stunning dress is fully movable on level ground while fully loaded with glasses, whilst it can also be changed to match the colour and theme of your event. There is nothing standard but more beautiful than receiving your champagne with a difference.

If you would like to find out more about this fantastic, innovative champagne glass dress then contact us by calling free on 0800 881 5665 or drop us a line by email. Get in Touch 

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