Stilt Walking Acts

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Hire Stilt Walkers for your Nightclub

Perfect as a complement to our other nightclub entertainers, or as a standalone performance option, we can offer male and female stilt walkers in a variety of costume options to walk around your nightclub and interact with your guests.

Our stilt walkers are often favoured as a meet and greet option at the beginning of the night, or as a walkabout performance act during the course of the evening.

Providing unique entertainment for your club night

Stilt walkers are perfect for adding that little touch of the surreal to your night. One of our most versatile acts, our stilt walkers can be used for a whole host of purposes whether it be as part of your marketing campaigns to hand out leaflets in a crowded market place, or just to walk around your club in character and costume.

Stilt walkers for any event can be dressed in costumes and themes, and all our stilt walkers are professionally trained acts. In addition to hiring traditional Stilt Walkers from Pastiche, we can also offer you the opportunity to hire Bouncy Stilt Walkers. Bouncy Stilt Walkers can mix and mingle with guests also, but in addition they can perform astonishing feats such as acrobatics, flips and even bounce over a car, all on stilts.


To hire a Stilt Walker for your nighclub, contact us on 0800 881 5665 or email us using the form below for more information.

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