Added sizzle to your club night with Loaded Lace

Loaded Lace are an all girl performance group suitable for any club night. With professional, sassy dance routines suitable for the hottest club nights in town, Loaded Lace can provide you with the perfect group of performers to wow any crowd.

Loaded Lace can also attend your event and perform a wide range of skills from providing hosting services to Fire performances (including fire hoops), Stilt Walking to Angle Grinding.

In addition all the girls are fully trained dancers, and therefore can perform sizzling routines covering all the different genres of dance. This can include specific choreographed routines, created by our very own award winning Choreographer, or the girls can perform freestyle sets to whatever music is being played at your venue.

Loaded Lace are very versatile, and can fit in with any theme, as they have a huge array of costumes. Watch this space for more information coming soon on Loaded Lace – the freshest, sexiest all girl performance group!

For all booking enquiries for corporate parties, nightclub events, bike shows, car launches etc speak to us at 0800 881 5665 or email us below

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