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Meet the Disco Heads | An alternative way to greet your guests

If you are bored with the normal meet and greet Characters at your event or venue, then why not go for our Disco Heads, from our range of alternative Greeters.

This oversized mirror ball head complete with top hat, tailcoat and cane, certainly brings a party to life. These Disco Heads have been used greatly as meet and greet characters to impress guests as they arrive at an event as well as to hosts awards, and even take part in dance routines.

Disco Heads on Stilts!

For an added effect, the Disco Heads can also be on Stilts to further enhance the experience. Their cheeky personalities and sophisticated charm make them a hit with the ladies often having them queuing for photographs with the characters!

If you are having a 70s themed party or an awards ceremony that needs something a little quirky? Then the Disco heads are perfect for you!

Duration: 3 hours in sets

Costumes Available:
Black suit with silver hologram detail | black sequin dress | 70s suit | dress

Disco Heads for hire

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