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Who We Are!

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[heading top=”40″ bottom=”30″ size=”4″]The Pastiche Challenge[/heading]Pastiche means a little bit of everything put together as one. We feel this perfectly captures the essence of what Pastiche, the Entertainment and Events Management Company, is all about. Whatever you need for your event, we can provide and we haven’t been found wanting yet.

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Therefore we set you a challenge – we want you to push us to our limits and come up with an event like no other and see just how far we can go.If you have an event that you think is perhaps too bizarre, or too incredible to be done, we want to hear from you! Call now on 0800 881 5665 or email us for details

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The team Pastiche sent last night were fabulous they did a great job we were really happy with them. They made a huge impact on the night and worked really hard, they were worth every penny.
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