We can make any film come to life for you!

Transport yourself into your favourite movie with our film themed party ideas and events.

For an event management company, when our clients tell us this, we can receive no greater compliment. Our film-based themed events and parties have always been popular, but what makes the Pastiche experience difference is that you are not just gathered to watch a show. From the second you and your guests arrive, to the second the last person leaves you will be embroiled in the magic of your chosen film. And we can do ANY film!

Take your pick | our most popular film themed parties and events.


    Austin Powers Theme

    With our Austin Powers Event, you can either take your guests back to the Swinging 60's or Flared 70's



    This edgy, cheeky event epitomises the glamour of the 40’s pin-ups with the emphasis of the evening placed on tease...


    Charlie & Chocolate Factory

    Our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed event is a brilliant theme if you want to let you imagination run wild regardless of budget!


    Grease Theme Party

    Our Grease themed parties take you into one of the most popular films of all time with such an embroiling mix of music, singing and dancing.


    Great Gatsby Event

    Let our very own Great Gatsby Cast take you back to the 1920’s, the swinging era of glittering Jazz and loosening morals...


    Indiana Jones Theme

    For an action-packed evening at the crack of a whip, Pastiche is proud to present our Indiana Jones Theme Party


    James Bond

    In a thrilling world of Martinis, Austin Martins and espionage, Pastiche bring you our James Bond Theme Night.


    Moulin Rouge Theme

    With our Moulin Rouge theme we will bring you dazzling sets, provocative costumes, raunchy music and of course the mesmerising Can-Can.


    Pirates Of The Caribbean

    With our Pirates of the Caribbean theme prepare for an exciting voyage with our salty sea-dogs and brutal brigands in their quest for hidden treasure.


    Sister Act

    This toe-tapping, sing-along spectacular, will take you on a fast paced musical journey that will entertain, excite and inspire.


    Titanic Theme

    Join us, as we re-create the last meal served on board Titanic, on that fateful night in 1912, with our very own Titanic Themed Party.


    Wild West Theme

    Saddle your horses and tighten your gun belts, as Pastiche take you and your guests on a trip back to the Wild West.


    Willy Wonka

    Our Willy Wonka themed event is a brilliant theme if you want to let you imagination run wild regardless of budget!


    Walking Dead

    You've seen the series, now experience for yourself...if you dare !

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