Through the Years

Through the Years!

Relive some of the most memorable eras with our Pastiche “Through the Years” theme party ideas.

Whether you are looking to take yourself back to the Swinging 60’s, the Roaring 20’s, or go further back in time still further, we have something for everyone.

Browse our Through the Years Themes below….


    Medieval Banquet Theme

    If you are looking to provide something different for your up-coming event, our Medieval Theme is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained....


    1920s Theme

    This 20’s themed party will recapture in remarkable detail one of the most famous night clubs of the era with all the leading entertainers of the time.


    1950s Theme

    The event incorporates the iconic styles of the era, coupled with incredible look-a-likes, to capture the essence of the 1950’s in one spell-binding evening.


    1960s Theme

    We find new ways to take 60s themed parties to new levels - with incredible sights and sounds capturing this amazing era like never before.


    1970s Theme

    Our 70’s themed event will provide fans of the decade a plethora of memorabilia, coupled with the spectacular sights and sounds of this amazing decade.


    1980s Theme

    From the music and decor to some famous look-a-likes, our 80’s themed party offers something for everyone in celebration of another classic era.

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