Snake Charmers


Be under the spell of our Snake Charmers

Snake Charming originates from Ancient Egyptian times, however despite it being practised for centuries, in this day and age, Snake charmers can certainly offer something different at your next event, as well as offering your guests some cultural entertainment, with this traditional Arabic art dazzling guests of all ages.

For the ultimate in exotic snake entertainment, the handler(s) and respective snakes can then perform a snake dance. The snake and handler provide excellent ‘walkabout’ entertainment and offer a variety of lavish costumes to fit most themes, as the snakes and handlers are available as mix and mingle acts, whilst posing for photographs with guests and having interactive sessions, where guests can stroke or hold the snakes – if they dare!

You can hire snake handlers/dancers as a great addition to Arabian theme nights where we can offer decorations, backdrops, staging and lighting to create a truly authentic themed event. We can also supply fun entertainment alongside our snake charmers for hire, such as our rodeo camel and magic carpet ride. Our snake acts are always a delight, which is why we’ve been providing this form of entertainment to a whole host of events for many years

Duration: 2 hours

Costumes available:
Arabian | Showgirl | Circus | Jungle | Garden of Eden | Carnival

Snake Charmer at Halloween event  Snake Charmer at Arabian Nights themed event

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