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Fire Performers for hire for your Party or Event

Are you looking to hire a Fire Breather or Fire Eater for your event ? Fire Performers are a visually stunning and incredibly versatile form of performance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations it is guaranteed to turn heads and add that element of the spectacular to any event.

Our Fire Performers have a diverse range of skills, and can tailor their shows to meet the needs of your event. Whether you are looking for something special to greet your guests as they arrive at your venue, or something to really make your event end with a bang, these are the artistes for you.

  • Fire Fans – A poised and elegant display as the performer paint pictures in the air with the flaming fans.
  • Body Burning – One of the most daring of the fire art. Body burning is the act of running a lit fire torch along exposed areas of the body.
  • Fire Eating – A feat not for the faint of heart, our performers will extinguish flaming torches using nothing but their mouths.
  • Fire Breathing – The most dangerous of all the fire arts, the performer breaths plumes of fire from their mouth

What you can expect with our Fire Performers

Hire our Fire Performers and you’ll have a show which combines fire eating, body burning, balance and illusion to create an atmosphere of intrigue, disbelief and mystery. Watch in amazement as our fire eater rubs fire over his body, and eats ball after ball of fire. This is sure to make your event the hottest in town, and your guests will be speaking about the event long after the last flame has been extinguished.

Our Fire Performers take fire entertainment to the next level. The Fire Eaters can perform individually or as part as a team to produce the fire show of all fire shows. When you compliment the fire eating with fire breathing, a fire dancer, spinning fire, fire poi and fire dancing the complete set of fire performers will give you a fire show that will never be forgotten by your guests.

The magic and mystique of our Fire Acts

As party entertainers, the Fire Eaters and Fire Performers are event entertainment and party entertainment that are truly amazing. Fire holds a magic and mystique that will bring an amazing atmosphere to your next event.

The Fire Act will grab your guest’s attention, and they will not be able to take their eyes of them until the fire performance is over. Fire Eating and Fire Breathing are the most difficult of all the fire acts to perform. All of our Fire Eaters are professional entertainers with years of fire eating experience.

Looking to find out more?

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