20’s Themed Party

Relive the heyday of the Cotton Club with our 20’s themed party.

Forget Prohibition, it’s time for Pastiche to take your guests back to the roaring 20’s, and the stunning reinvention of Harlem’s infamous Cotton Club, with our 1920’s Themed Party!

This 20’s themed party will recapture in remarkable detail one of the most famous night clubs of the era and host to some of the biggest screen and stage stars of the time.

With your own personal event manager, you can be sure the whole evening is as under control as an event in the Cotton Club can be.

Just some of the many features of this event include.

  • Gangster Doormen and red carpet entry
  • Classic 20’s black and white and Art Deco styled decoration to create a real sense of being in the Cotton Club.
  • Jazz band playing hits of the 1920’s
  • Pre-dinner entertainment including lookalikes of movie stars of the day, stilt walkers, living statues, card magicians, dancers all keeping your guests thoroughly entertained.
  • Dinner and speeches followed by the very best in 20’s entertainment with girl dancers performing a variety of popular dances.

If a 20s themed party or Cotton Club theme party is perfect for you then call us FREE now on 0800 881 5665 or email us using the simple form below.

20s Themed Party Ideas and Events

The Cotton Club was a famous night club in Harlem, New York City that operated during Prohibition and included jazz music. During its heyday, the Cotton Club served as a chic meeting spot in the heart of Harlem, featuring regular “Celebrity Nights” on Sundays. Celebrities such as Jimmy Durante, George Gershwin, Al Jolson, Mae West, Irving Berlin, Eddie Cantor, Moss Hart, New York mayor Jimmy Walker and other luminaries would frequent the club

For our event, as your guests arrive they will be asked on entry for the secret password, by one of the gangster doormen. Once inside, guests are invited onto the red carpet and walk through the gold canopy entrance, into the Twenties dance club, whilst 1920’s Paparazzi photographers will be snapping away!

Authentic Sights and Sounds of 1920’s Harlem.

#Guests will hear the authentic sounds of our very own 1920’s jazz band, playing hits like Glen Miller’s ‘In The Mood’, and other big band hits, therefore setting the scene for the evening. Pre-dinner drinks are served in tea cups, as of course, we are in the time of Prohibition and guests are now in an illicit 1920’s drinking den! Black and white wall and ceiling drapes, and unique illuminated art deco, adorn the walls and surround the room, all adding atmosphere.

Charleston Stilt Walkers will meet and greet guests, whilst Flapper girls will mix and mingle. You might also see some of the Hollywood stars from the silent movies, with Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy reported to be in the Cotton Club this evening. 1920’s living statues and living tables will add to the entertainment on offer, whilst a Flapper Girl shows off her hula hoop skills. A card shark will be set up on a table performing card magic for guests. Hat Check Girls will be walking around trying to make extra money and tips selling from their trays.

Dinner is announced and guests take their seats at their sophisticated night club table, for a serious evening of dancing. During Dinner or after the guest speakers, guests are treated to the main event and enjoy the best in Twenties dancing, as we introduce Sophistication. Our lovely young floozies, brought to you all the way from Chicago – performing a variety of dances, including tap dance routines and not forgetting the famous energetic Charleston, with lots of cheek and fun, to sensuous Jazz Lyrical numbers.

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